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In an era of change where everyone is trying to do their part to contribute to a slightly greener world, especially when it comes to packaging, we also wondered how to add our personal touch.

Environmental impact

We recently decided to create our own furoshikis, this Japanese technique of wrapping with fabric. Considering the 540,000 tonnes of paper and packaging bags rejected each year by Canadians according to the Zero Waste Canada organization, it seemed essential to us to create packaging that was not only reusable but also made from fabrics already produced in order to give them a second life. Thus, our furoshikis are made from leftover fabrics from local designers giving them a touch of style and exclusivity. Use them as gift wrapping or as accessories: headband, scarf, or as you wish.

Social contribution

In addition to contributing to the elimination of unique packaging, our furoshikis serve a social cause in that all profits made are donated to the Autisme sans Limites organization which works for the development and social inclusion of young adults with autism. Also, in the idea of ​​representing the values ​​of all team members, the causes to which donations will go will change over time.