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Our commitment to aim for carbon neutrality

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At Miljours, for whom sustainable development is a fundamental value, we are constantly working to find new solutions to reduce our environmental impact. First, in terms of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions with the objective of being a carbon neutral company by 2022.

Carbon neutrality
Carbon neutrality refers to an ideal condition to be achieved, in which we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and offset those emitted. This approach includes various actions such as tree planting, carpooling, composting, etc.

In an era where e-commerce sales continue to increase, it is necessary to consider the long-term consequences of this trend. Indeed, although online shopping has many advantages, it also involves environmental concerns related in particular to packaging as well as transport.

First of all, Miljours is committed to do its part by adopting more environmentally friendly practices, particularly in terms of packaging through the making of our own reusable packaging (Furoshikis), the reuse of packaging from our orders to package yours as well as through the use of reusable poly mailers. All with the aim of reducing our waste as much as possible.

Next, we are working with Compensation CO2 Québec in order to reduce the amount of GHGs emitted into the atmosphere mainly as a result of human activity. For the moment, technology does not yet allow us to do without fossil fuels. That’s why, in the meantime, it’s important to take small steps in the right direction.

The principle behind planting trees is to balance the sources of emissions among other things related to transport, and emission reductions that happen thanks to the CO2 captured by the trees. To date, Miljours has contributed to the planting of 62 trees in Quebec to compensate for all supplier orders received in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

Compensation CO2 

Founded in 2011 by owners of private forests in southern Quebec, Compensation CO2 Québec is a program that offers a calculation tool allowing individuals, families, organizations or businesses to quantify their GHG emissions as well as a professional afforestation service allowing to compensate for them.

How it works ?
To contribute to carbon neutrality, we are now offering you the opportunity to help neutralize the ecological footprint associated with online commerce by making your order carbon neutral.

For each order made online, you have the option of adding $ 1 to your order to plant a tree through Compensation CO2 Québec.

Through the EcoCart program, we also offer you the opportunity to make your online order carbon neutral. For each order, EcoCart calculates, depending on the nature of the items, their weight and the distance to be traveled, the cost necessary to offset the carbon emissions emitted. This money is then given to various sustainable development projects.