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We are lauching a new product in May!

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A few years ago, I've designed a small backpack. I've used it for four years now and I really love it. It was almost perfect...but I couldn't carry my laptop because it was too small. 

As a lot of you would asked me if I could design a backpack, I've always answered that I had once designed one but that I don't have all the equipment to make "The Perfect Backpack". 

So I've decided to make it in Italy. As you may know, we are working with a small workshop in Firenze that I visited when I was in Italy in May 2019. The contractor I am working with is very sweet and she work with her mother in the garden of the family house. We started to make samples of the backpack in August 2019. We made four samples to finally get what I wanted : The perfect Backpack.

This backpack is big enough to put a computer and pack your lunch, without having a huge backpack like in kindergarden... if you see what I mean. We have worked on every detail to make it very sleek and minimalist.

The front pocket is useful to put your keys or other stuff that you need to get access easily but that don't have a huge value. My tip : don't put your cellphone there. We have designed an inside pocket for that purpose ;-)

The back of this bag has hooks for straps. I really love these details. I've designed this particular part of the backback while sipping a glass of wine (worth it!). The fact that there are hooks and a D-ring on the back makes the bag very ergonomic. It seats on your shoulder exactly where it should be and makes the bag very light. You never feel like having a computer in your bag, trust me, it is important !

Straps are also adjustable with two D-rings, exactly like the belt bag Lykke. It can fit everybody!

And now about the materials, we use vegetable tanned leather, which is free from chemicals. All leathers we use are certified by The Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium. That means that our leathers are eco-friendly and harmless for the environment. We try to have a positive impact on the environment as much as we can. 

Read our article about the Consortium

If you want to see the backpack and try it on, please feel free to come and visit us in store!

Our address is 
426 rue Beaubien E.
Montreal, Quebec.
In front of Beaubien station.