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5795 avenue de Gaspe, 202C
Montreal, QC, H2S 2X3

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DIY your own leather goods ! 

Learn how to use genuine leather to make your own leather accessories and leather goods. 

In these workshops, you will learn how to work with leather, how to choose and recognize a genuine leather and how to make your own designs.
Atelier 01 - Fabrication d'un porte-cartes en cuir

Atelier 01 - Fabrication d'un porte-cartes en cuir

Marie-Anne Miljours - fashion consultant !

Consultation privée

From $75.00
DIY - leather goods - leather craft - handcraft - flower pot cover

Atelier 03 - Fabrication d'un cache-pot en cuir

How to make a iphone case - DIY iphone case

Atelier 02 - Fabrication d'un étui pour téléphone