I got it from my mama !

Mother's day is right around the corner and if you are like me; you never know what to get for your mom. My mother likes so many things and depending on her mood, a lot of those things can vary. This year, her mood fits perfectly with mine, she asked me to invite her for dinner. I bet the York table napkins will make this dinner party look amazing and expertly decorated! I love Pinterest! (You know you do too…)

Usually, I make something for my mother on every mother’s day. Something special, that reminds me of her. If DIY isn't your thing, let me present you some lovely ideas for her. Remember: she is special and she most definitely deserves the best gift.

The Azar leather tray

The leather tray we've made is unique. It’s color will change through the years and age beautifully just like her. Your mom could put her favourite earrings, necklaces, rings, and glasses...anything really. Even dry flowers. (I think it looks cute in it, don't you?)

 Natural Azar Leather Tray

Natural Azar Leather Tray

Listen your body - Anaïs Trocherie

Anaïs Trocherie is a young amazing illustrator. She just opened her Etsy shop a few months ago. She draws and she makes embroideries. Everything is accurate to what we feel and the kinds of things that happen in our day-to-day lives. Anaïs Trocherie, I love you. 

anais trocherie

DIY soy candles
I know, I said I’d give you some ideas that are not DIY but it is so easy to make! I made them myself and gave six to my mother last month. I put some coffee in them (Yum coffee…) and it smells delicious! If you have nothing to make your own soy candles with, there are many nice candles you can buy in cute boutiques like Buk & Nola or Mikko Espresso et Boutique

Psssst : Stay tuned because, there're will be soy candles on our online shop very soon. This is my new passion! 


There are so many beautiful things you can offer your mom! A nice dinner, a cute greeting card (you know, she deserves some kind words at least once a year!) perhaps, a stroll downtown with a few spontaneous visits to museums and art galleries could be just the right thing for her. 

Here are other suggestions from our online shop