Marie-Anne Miljours
Our Story

Miljours Studio was founded by Marie-Anne Miljours. 
The idea was to create utilitarian and sustainable leather goods for everyday life. We meticulously handcrafted the vegetable tanned leather goods in our studio based in Montreal, Canada.

Marie-Anne studied in Fashion design — womenswear. After working in Montreal and New York as an assistant designer and production manager in the fashion industry, she decided to work with leather. Her aim was to create products that would fit on everybody, because she was tired to design only for one clientele. Fashion should be democratic and accessible.

We aim to make a difference in the fashion industry by helping the consumer to choose wisely what they buy and where they buy.
Quality over quantity is our watchword. This is why we chose to use vegetable tanned leather free of chemical products. Learn more about vegetable tanned leather.

We think that sustainability could be achieved if the design is well thought. It is our responsibility to look for better materials, better work conditions for the workers and better way to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

We believe that the consumers should not have the task of ensuring that what they buy is sustainable. This is the responsibility we take to make life easier for our consumers

Slow made
Slow made is part of the slow movement that encourages designers to take their time to create. In order to make our creations more traditional, we finish our products by hand with great care. Most of the time, the industrial production neglects the creativity and the quality of the product. The slow made philosophy requires research, a thoughtful creation process, the use of sustainable materials, as well as the creation and the fabrication of innovative objects and a timeless product.

Slow made and slow economy come together. This new philosophy redefines the production, which is quality over quantity. The design of each product is meticulously thought and researched in order to create a sustainable product that is useful everyday. We believe that consumption of goods should be well thought and responsible.

Treatment of the Products
We recommend applying wax on your leather goods from time to time; this will help the leather keep its softness and flexibility. Shop our leather wax care.

Made in
Most of our production is made in Montreal, our hometown. We encourage local consumption. We also produce a small part of our collection in the heart of Florence in Italy as our leather comes from this charming city. Every product is ethically made.