Our standards

In order to assist you in choosing products that reflect your values, we have identified each item that we offer based on the different standards in which they have been made. These standards include eco-responsible products, those made in a Slow Made spirit, local, ethical and vegan approach.


So-called eco-responsible products are products that have been thought out and designed with the aim of harming the environment as little as possible. In this sense, the manufacturer pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials including, for example, the choice of fibers used for making clothes. These fibers can be natural, renewable, biodegradable, recycled or low impact. The manufacturer also takes care to minimize the use of chemicals such as pesticides and dyes used especially in the processing and finishing stages of products. Finally, manufacturers make sure to reduce or even eliminate waste from their activities such as CO2 emissions, microplastics and wastewater discharged in addition to promoting the use of renewable energies.

Slow made

Goods made in a spirit of slow made are products that have been designed and developed in a non-industrial context throughout the production chain. This movement encourages creators to take the time necessary for creation, thus optimizing creativity and product quality. Thus, the purchase of slow made products encourages know-how and the creation of products that preserve the traditions and ancient cultures of production. The products are made in small production batches thus providing a unique appearance to each piece and ensuring a durable, high quality product.


Locally produced products are products that have been imagined and made in the country in which the company is based. In doing so, local production makes it possible in particular to reduce carbon emissions produced during the transport of goods since the distance between the product and the consumer is reduced. Local production also helps stimulate the local economy in addition to allowing companies to better tailor their offer to their consumers by being closer to them. Finally, this type of production greatly benefits local communities, particularly by creating jobs and encouraging the development of expertise in various sectors.

As for our leather goods, the majority of these are made in Montreal while part of our collection is made in Florence, Italy, a few kilometers from our tanners.


Products qualified as ethical are part of a fair trade model where the social conscience linked to the manufacture of the product is at the heart. According to this model, special attention is paid to the working and living conditions of the workers who make the product with a view to sustainability. This model has recently been applied to the textile industry following various incidents of worker negligence and aims to provide an alternative to fast fashion.


So-called vegan products are products that have been created without the use or exploitation of animals, animal products. Although often associated with the food industry, veganism is a way of life in itself and applies to all kinds of industries, including clothing and accessories, cosmetics, decoration and other consumer goods.