017 DUO

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In the number 017 - Duo, we analyze the synergy, the complementarity, the union. It is in the amalgamation of two entities that we find balance. It is in brotherhood, friendship and love that the magic of natural attraction takes place, this indomitable and impossible to ignore force which gives birth to an impenetrable complicity. In the quest for a common goal, difference, opposition, conflicts develop ... that's when compromises take over, wiping out the hiccups, celebrating the differences. One merges with the other in a perfect symbiosis.

The number 017 "Duo" presents
- Beirut architecture
The twin phenomenon in Nigeria
La mostarda, a surprising condiment
Farm work from father to daughter
The duality of landscapes in Hawaii
Ancient Maliseet cuisine
The contrasts of Madagascar

148 pages
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Printed in Quebec

Publication date
September 12, 2019