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FALL 2020 | ESSE

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Magazine | Printed in Montreal, Canada

100 - FALL 2020 This hundredth issue explores the theme of futurity which offers new avenues for thinking about a more positive continuation of the world outside the traditional schemas of critical utopianism. Whereas in our chronological way of conceiving time, the past influences the present and the latter acts on the future, futurity proposes that the future we anticipate determines our present actions. Thus the future we imagine would act directly on the present by shaping these actions. The notion of futurity can also be understood as a form of reparation from a decolonial perspective. Practices such as Afrofuturism and Indigenous Futurism, which particularly target these issues, are a central point of reflections on futurity. We also discover works that go beyond time frames.


Esse arts + opinions , published three times a year by Les éditions esse, is a bilingual contemporary art magazine covering various disciplinary and interdisciplinary practices (visual arts, performance, video, experimental theater, auteur cinema, music and dance current) and all forms of social, in situ or performative interventions. She favors analyzes that address art in relation to the context (geographic, social, political or economic) in which it is inscribed. The journal wishes to offer readers a topical work in the field of multidisciplinary art, an information, communication and research tool that meets their needs. More than just an editor, essewishes to ensure active participation in the art world. Les éditions esse occasionally organize colloquiums on art and publish their proceedings in bilingual works distributed internationally. Esse also publishes a collection of artist stamps (nine prints to date) distributed across Canada.