Miljours Studio

Private Leather Workshop | How to make leather goods


As a ethical fashion designer, I gained a lot of extensive experiences in the past years. I would be glad to talk over a coffee or to teach you fashion design, leather goods making or to give you business coaching. If you are a student, an employee, an employer or an entrepreneur, I could give you knowledge in these categories below.

  • Leather theory (tannery, vocabulary, leather uses, etc)
  • Materials sourcing
  • Fabric theory
  • Pattern making
  • Sewing
  • Working with different equipment in the fashion industry (plain sewing machine, skiver, kwikprint, walking foot)
  • Fashion business coaching
  • Ethical Fashion coaching
  • Communication strategy ( Social medias, blog edition, writing, press release, newsletter, public relation)

My mother tong is French, but I can highly explain and be clear in English as well.

The hourly rate is 75 $ / hr. All extra hour are charged after the workshop. Payment method : credit card or cash only.

*Materials not included